Rail Europe a single stop for train travel in Europe

A single stop for train travel in Europe

Rail Europe combines the Maps, Fares and Schedules for over 50 different train companies across Europe, creating one stop to plan and book your rail travel in Europe.

Why Travel by Train in Europe?

Great reasons to book with Rail Europe

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TGV train, train travel in Europe

TGV Train, Photo credit: Erich Westendarp

Train Tickets

Eurostar Train

Travel from London to Paris or Brussels & more on Eurostar train; comfort & convenience to travelers in all classes.


TGV Train

TGV trains travel at speeds of up to 220mph, offering comfort, frequent departures & e-tickets. There's no better way to see France.


Glacier Express Switzerland

The Glacier Express is known for panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, rivers, alpine pastures, castles & charming Swiss villages.


Italo NTV

NTV's high-speed Italo trains offer direct service from Milan to Rome. Italo trains also travel from Milan to Bologna, Florence & Naples.


Le Freece Italy

Take a ride on Trenitalia's high-speed Le Frecce trains, traveling at speeds of up to 186mph to Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples & more.


More Trains In Europe

Trains in Europe are sleek, efficient and offer travelers a welcoming atmosphere. Experience European train travel with Rail Europe.


Rail Passes

Eurail Select Pass

The Eurail Select Pass gives you the option to choose extensive rail travel on the national rail networks of 4 adjoining countries.


Eurail Italy Pass

A Eurail Italy Pass provides unlimited travel on the national rail network of Italy. Experience more of Italy when traveling through it by train.


Eurail France Pass

With a Eurail France Pass, indulge in all the local flavors of the country. This pass provides travel on the national rail network of France.


Swiss Travel Pass

See Switzerland with a Swiss Travel Pass, providing you with access to the Swiss Travel System including trains, buses, boats & more.


Eurail Global Pass

Have big Europe Travel plans? The Eurail Global Pass allows unlimited travel on the national railroads of 28 participating Eurail countries.


Eurail Spain Pass

Explore more of beautiful Spain with a Eurail Spain Pass. This pass offers extensive travel on the national rail network of Spain.


Pass Finder: Find the perfect rail pass. Specially designed to make sure you get the right rail pass at the best possible price. If you’re looking to book a specific city to city train ticket, please visit European Train Tickets page.

Train Travel in Europe: Rail Pass vs. Tickets

Travel from London to Paris

Explore London and Paris with Eurostar. Travel at speeds of up to 186mph in comfort to experience two iconic destinations!


Travel from Rome to Florence

Travel from Rome to Florence in comfort & style on either a Le Frecce or Italo high-speed train. Both offer local fares & e-tickets.


Travel from Madrid to Barcelona

Take AVE high-speed train from Madrid to Barcelona. AVE offers comfort & speed as it travels from the center of Madrid to the center of Barcelona.


Travel from Paris to Amsterdam

Paris & Amsterdam offer much to see, from the Eiffel Tower & Louvre to the Rijksmuseum & Canal District. Visit both cities with Thalys.


Travel from Rome to Venice on Italo or Le Frecce

Rome and Venice are the perfect addition to any Italian itinerary. The stylish high-speed trains in Italy make it easy to see them both.


All Popular Routes

Get insights on how to travel by train on some of the most popular routes in Europe with our informative travel guides.


Traveling with a Swiss Travel Pass From Rail Europe

See more of Switzerland with a Swiss Travel Pass from Rail Europe

See more of Switzerland with a Swiss Travel Pass from Rail Europe, Photo credit: Peter H

You can expect the same great travel benefits with the Swiss Travel Pass, including trains, boats, buses & more! Use them all to journey between the Alps, St. Moritz, or any part of Switzerland without worrying about transfers or conversion rates. No matter where you go in Switzerland, never wait in line at ticket counters when you have one pass that provides unlimited travel on the Swiss Travel System. GET PRICES

Poland: Affordable and less traveled destination in Europe

Traveling by rail in Poland is a very wise choice. Roads are still being developed, and domestic air flights are few and far between. So, if you want to go beyond Warsaw and experience all that is Poland, most definitely hop on a train. You can travel from Warsaw to the magnificent city of Krakow in just under three hours. And, these trains are not only fast, but frequent, with hourly service from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Warsaw is well connected to neighboring countries. Trains run every night between Berlin and Warsaw and offer a high level of service. The Premier compartment is a much-deserved experience, with shower and breakfast included. There are Intercity day services as well; traveling time is about six hours.

If you have a European East Pass, you could also visit Budapest, Vienna and Prague. With a Eurail Germany-Poland Pass, consider taking Berlin-Warsaw Express, which takes a bit over five hours.

Tips for Traveling with a Rail Pass - Rail Europe

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